Our Story

Although not fully aware of God’s intentions, LoveNOW Community Church began in the heart and life of founding pastor David Hopkins in 2008. David and a few college students he was discipling met in downtown Meridian every Thursday morning to prayer walk their city. Their specific request was always that God would save the people of the city and the surrounding county for His glory.  These meetings began in March and continued until December.

Fast forward a couple of years and David and his wife, Rachelle, began to research and prepare for a new church start in the heart of Meridian: LoveNOW Community Church. At the same time, they began building their house in June of 2012. While building, they lived in an apartment complex and began to share life with their neighbors in hopes to win them to Christ. They began to meet every Sunday night with a single mom and her two kids.

On the first Sunday night of April 2013, the Hopkins decided to have the meeting of the two families at the still box-filled, not-put-together, newly-moved-into home. With hardly any effort from the couple, God brought together sixteen people that first night. He even provided the food!

After that first meeting, LoveNOW Community Church gathered a Core Group who joined together and began meeting for Sunday morning worship in downtown Meridian. In June, the infant church launched two discipleship-focused small groups. Since then, LoveNOW has been blessed by God to have grown from those original two families that met in an apartment under David's leadership. In the spring of 2018, LoveNOW adopted Trinity Baptist Church and was given their building on Highway 39N to gather together in.

David faithfully shepherded and cared for the congregation until God called him to serve as senior pastor of Meridian's Highland Baptist Church in July 2019.

LoveNOW Community Church desires to be consistently involved in declaring and demonstrating the gospel from Meridian to around the world. To God and God alone be the glory!